Friday, May 8, 2015

ROUND 2: Magnet Meditation for 8 nights 5/8 - 5/16

I have recently come across several new posts about magnetism and its effects on the pineal gland which has inspired me once more and incorporate it into my evening half hour meditation.

After the next morning's meditation, I will post updates.



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  2. I am in this experiments up to 5 years and i want to say at your team to be use the neodymium magnet with coils "like neodymium +electromagnet" this will give huge power in fields with some watts (needs 0.1mm wire and a lot of meters) after that make it to work in your personal frequency of pineal gland (dependent of the size) and you can use x10 x100 or x1000 the frequency hz..khz..mhz but carefully the same watt & high frequency gives more energy in your body & pineal gland (dangerous) you can tray it with frequency generator on your pc and with strong amplifiers for music ..use the neodymium electromagnet like a sound speaker this will be create in your body sound waves of the frequency you working through the iron of your blood and will be do continues internal waves of the targeted place on your body with the magnet.If you will be use it want carefully with distances body/magnetic fields and the watt/frequency of course!

    It's my first time to be see team's with thoose interest...