Friday, May 8, 2015

ROUND 2: Magnet Meditation for 8 nights 5/8 - 5/16

I have recently come across several new posts about magnetism and its effects on the pineal gland which has inspired me once more and incorporate it into my evening half hour meditation.

After the next morning's meditation, I will post updates.


Monday, October 13, 2014

High on Moldavite

This weekend, I attended my very first crystal fair.  My goodness... I could have spent thousands of hours and several days talking, shopping, touching, learning...

I had a specific rock I have been looking for that I have heard intriguing things about.. Moldavite.  I did not want to purchase my first piece online so I was very excited at my possible find..  In the picture, it is the green stone wrapped in copper. The round pendant is my amethyst orgone.

I met an amazing person that does the digs himself! He had a 'space box' with over 20 pieces of moldavite and a few other silver meteorites.  I spent over a half hour with this box and came out with a piece that kind of looks like a slice of pizza.  There was someone there that can wire wrap in copper into a pendant so I paid the additional $12 (moldavite was $42) to get it ready to wear.

I put my new pendant on when I arrived home.. and wow, what an effect it had on me.  Immediately, I felt the crown tingle, ears ringing and brow pulsating. These sensations I usually get after about 10 mins of meditation.

I have worn it for 2 straight days now and I feel highly tuned in. I am buzzing with energy. I am very aware of what is going on around me.. I feel a sense of calm and partnership.. like this piece of moldavite was meant for me.  Call me crazy.. but I spoke to her last night and thanked her for the assistance she is providing with her vibration.  I felt at peace.

I decided to keep it on DURING my magnet meditation, which I am over 2 weeks into.. (will check first blog!) and the intensity was tenfold. As soon as I aimed the North side towards my brow, with the moldavite on my heart chakra, my aura was immediately affected. I could sense the interaction between the magnet and my new other-worldy piece.  I could only meditate with the magnet no more than 10 minutes.. the intensity of the sensations were higher than ever.

This morning, I purchase the other Synergy Crystals.. there are 12, Moldavite being one of them.

I look forward to new and eye-opening experiences in my journey..

Monday, October 6, 2014

Magnet Position Change caused major effects

It's been over 2 weeks since I started my magnet meditation and it seemed like I had hit a plateau with this experiment. This morning, instead of placing it right up against my forehead about an inch above my brows, I held it a foot away from my face and directly between the eyes. 


What a difference. 

I immediately felt my third eye pulsating and a pulling sensation from my throat chakra towards my crown. The feeling was so intense I decided to increase my vibration even more and combine magnet meditation with the practice of Ankhing.... several minutes later .... and an amazing Ankhing session.... (still using magnet) my crown opened up and what felt like a giant straw about 6 inches around was a very vivid tingling flow of energy that diluted into all of my cells. This 'download' (best way to describe it) lasted about 3 minutes, this entire time I am still holding up my magnet and eyes closed. The sensation ended as my jaw was pulled downwards and open, this happens once I reach a deeper state of meditation and is uncontrollable. I felt a ball of energy coming up from throat (mouth halfway open at this point) up thrown my third eye and into my crown. 

It was amazing. 

I look forward to the difference of results from the magnet location change.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's been over a week...

I have been diligently meditating with my magnet daily for at least 15 mins for over a week now.. BUT this weekend was a family camping trip so I did skip a day...

It's odd... I feel like skipping the one day of meditation has put me back at ground zero.

I will continue onwards.. I have not seen anything out of the ordinary..


This morning as I was applying makeup, I thought I saw feet moving out of the corner of my eye...


Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 7: Intensified Symptoms

Throughout the day, I listen to binaural beats, isochronic tones or healing sounds such as dolphins/whales or tibetan singing bowls. I have done this for the last... 4 months or so. These last few days, I have noticed more intense sensations.

It starts in my ears. Usually I will hear a high pitch frequency  noise in my right ear, recently both ears have been ringing simultaneously. After a few minutes of hearing the tones, I will feel my third eye pulsate. It will do this for a few minutes and I start to feel my temples pulsate as well. Actually, it is about 2 inches below the temple region, right in front of my ears actually. All 3 spots will pulsate and have a slight but obvious pressure around them. The rest of my head, specifically my crown, will begin tingling with energy, like a bunch of ants excitedly marching around my scalp. The 3 points of pressure and pulsating actually reminds me of the pyramids base with the crown of my head as its peak. It is very easy to visualize a pyramid in my brain when this sensation is going on (as it is right now actually). I notice that when I read, type or speak about my spiritual experiences, these sensations begin or intensify if they were already there.

The more recent sensation is the tingling in my teeth. This started a couple nights ago and I was laying in bed meditating when I felt my upper molars tingling. I focused on my pulsating third eye and the energetic sensation in my mouth was now prevalent on both my upper and lower teeth, closer towards the back.

I have found a noticeable difference when I am grounding myself. The energetic field outside my physical body gets quite active at that point.

Looking forward to continuing my experiment!

Namaste <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 6: Tingling Teeth

I have diligently been meditating daily, sometimes twice, for at least least 10 mins at a time, with the North facing side of the magnet on my third eye, physical eyes closed and binaural beats. I have noticed that I can feel my ethereal body awaken and energize much quicker during meditation. I also noticed that my teeth, once my pineal gland starts pulsating, feel like they too are vibrating with energy. This is the first time for this odd sensation and I posted online to see if anyone else had the same experience... none so far... I wonder if that is one of the effects of magnetizing my brain?

Who knows...I am enjoying my new & exciting journey :)

King Henry the VIII ?!?

If you have read my previous post about my first induced OOBE, you will see that my vision returned who looked and felt like King Henry VIII.

This last Sunday, I went to a family barbecue.  The kids were all playing a game called Apples to Apples, it has over 300 different cards with names, events, places, etc.  I walked over to my 7 yr old son and asked to see his cards so I can offer some help.

What do I see as his TOP CARD?