Monday, October 13, 2014

High on Moldavite

This weekend, I attended my very first crystal fair.  My goodness... I could have spent thousands of hours and several days talking, shopping, touching, learning...

I had a specific rock I have been looking for that I have heard intriguing things about.. Moldavite.  I did not want to purchase my first piece online so I was very excited at my possible find..  In the picture, it is the green stone wrapped in copper. The round pendant is my amethyst orgone.

I met an amazing person that does the digs himself! He had a 'space box' with over 20 pieces of moldavite and a few other silver meteorites.  I spent over a half hour with this box and came out with a piece that kind of looks like a slice of pizza.  There was someone there that can wire wrap in copper into a pendant so I paid the additional $12 (moldavite was $42) to get it ready to wear.

I put my new pendant on when I arrived home.. and wow, what an effect it had on me.  Immediately, I felt the crown tingle, ears ringing and brow pulsating. These sensations I usually get after about 10 mins of meditation.

I have worn it for 2 straight days now and I feel highly tuned in. I am buzzing with energy. I am very aware of what is going on around me.. I feel a sense of calm and partnership.. like this piece of moldavite was meant for me.  Call me crazy.. but I spoke to her last night and thanked her for the assistance she is providing with her vibration.  I felt at peace.

I decided to keep it on DURING my magnet meditation, which I am over 2 weeks into.. (will check first blog!) and the intensity was tenfold. As soon as I aimed the North side towards my brow, with the moldavite on my heart chakra, my aura was immediately affected. I could sense the interaction between the magnet and my new other-worldy piece.  I could only meditate with the magnet no more than 10 minutes.. the intensity of the sensations were higher than ever.

This morning, I purchase the other Synergy Crystals.. there are 12, Moldavite being one of them.

I look forward to new and eye-opening experiences in my journey..

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