Friday, September 12, 2014

9/12/14 10:57 am Energy Ball


I meditate throughout the day either while I'm working at my desk or when I take a bathroom break. I just sat down and closed my eyes for a second and I instantly felt energy movement, in and around my body. It felt like a good time to make an energy ball. I had my hands about 1 ft apart and the sensation of movement between my palms were distinct. I slowly separated them out until about 3 ft apart and could feel a flow of energy.. in fact the farther apart they were, the stronger the sensation.

I played around with the distance and felt them strongest around 2 ft apart. I had to get back to work so I turned my hands towards me and bathed myself, crown to root, with this energy ball and I gotta say, I physically felt a push onto me, at least onto my aura, when my hands hovered over my head and heart.

It was the most intense energy ball I have created.. in the shortest amount of time.

Exciting... exciting indeed!

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