Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 7: Intensified Symptoms

Throughout the day, I listen to binaural beats, isochronic tones or healing sounds such as dolphins/whales or tibetan singing bowls. I have done this for the last... 4 months or so. These last few days, I have noticed more intense sensations.

It starts in my ears. Usually I will hear a high pitch frequency  noise in my right ear, recently both ears have been ringing simultaneously. After a few minutes of hearing the tones, I will feel my third eye pulsate. It will do this for a few minutes and I start to feel my temples pulsate as well. Actually, it is about 2 inches below the temple region, right in front of my ears actually. All 3 spots will pulsate and have a slight but obvious pressure around them. The rest of my head, specifically my crown, will begin tingling with energy, like a bunch of ants excitedly marching around my scalp. The 3 points of pressure and pulsating actually reminds me of the pyramids base with the crown of my head as its peak. It is very easy to visualize a pyramid in my brain when this sensation is going on (as it is right now actually). I notice that when I read, type or speak about my spiritual experiences, these sensations begin or intensify if they were already there.

The more recent sensation is the tingling in my teeth. This started a couple nights ago and I was laying in bed meditating when I felt my upper molars tingling. I focused on my pulsating third eye and the energetic sensation in my mouth was now prevalent on both my upper and lower teeth, closer towards the back.

I have found a noticeable difference when I am grounding myself. The energetic field outside my physical body gets quite active at that point.

Looking forward to continuing my experiment!

Namaste <3

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